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Hello fellow explorers, it’s Hernando. Just a reminder that animals thought to be extinct can be cryptids. For instance, the Tasmanian tiger in Australia went extinct 80 years ago, but all of a sudden people are seeing it again! It’s … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, it’s Stephanie. So, I’ve known about this for awhile because I hacked into our military satellites ages ago, but the Navy just confirmed that this photo of a UFO, taken by a Navy pilot, is real. Now, that … Continue reading

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Hey Blasters! It’s Charles, you know, the coolest Myth Blaster of the bunch. As you may know, because I’ve only said it like a million times, I love the Yeti. As far as cryptids go, this guy is really the … Continue reading

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Hi fellow cryptid catchers! So, did you know that aliens are considered cryptids? Absolutely! Thus far, we have no proof of intelligent life existing on other planets, but with the universe being so big it’s totally possible! Recently, there have … Continue reading

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The Indian Army tweeted a photo of some footprints that they believe are from the Yeti! A representative of India’s Army claims that a mountaineering expedition team found the prints close to Makalu Base Camp, near Mt. Everest in Nepal. … Continue reading

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I finally got to meet Loren Coleman, world renowned cryptozoologist, at the International Cryptozoology Conference in Portland, Maine! Loren and the International Cryptozoology Museum were a huge inspiration for my book, The Cryptid Catcher, and spending time with him was … Continue reading

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