Hi guys! Thanks for coming here where I can send you special messages about my continued search for the immortal. As I mentioned at the end of The Cryptid Catcher, the evil resistance is growing and I need help finding the immortal before they do. Adam and the gang have all given me permission to give you guys an emergency pass into the Myth Blasters so you can help us.

So, here’s your task. My dad taught me five languages because he must have thought the immortal lived in one of the countries where the languages are spoken. This is going to be tough, but maybe you could research where those languages are spoken, discover what cryptids live there, and make a guess as to which one might be the immortal? Send me your guess from the contact form on this website, and if someone guesses it right, I’ll send you a special thank you gift on August 20th when The Cryptid Keeper comes out. And keep checking back here, because I’ll be dropping more hints the closer we get to August 20th! Thanks guys! I know that, together, we can beat the evil resistance!

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Hey Catchers and Blasters! It’s Clivo here. So, the next book of my adventures, The Cryptid Keeper, is out soon so this is your last chance to guess who the immortal cryptid might be! The final clue is that I think I’ve nailed down the immortal’s location to somewhere close to where this picture was taken. Can you help me figure out the country and which cryptid it might be? Thanks, team, I really appreciate your help!

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Hi fellow cryptid catchers! So, did you know that aliens are considered cryptids? Absolutely! Thus far, we have no proof of intelligent life existing on other planets, but with the universe being so big it’s totally possible! Recently, there have been so many sightings of UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) by pilots in the military, that the Navy has created a formal process to record such events. Many people think that the sightings are simply drones, light reflections, or other classified government aircraft. But, who knows, perhaps they really are visitors from another planet. What do you believe?

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Hi kids, it’s Lija! The FBI just released some files and did you know that in 1976, an organization called the Bigfoot Information Center asked the FBI to test some hair samples they found, to see if it was proof that Bigfoot existed? Unfortunately the samples turned out just to be deer hair, but still, it’s exciting to learn that even the FBI is interested in the study of this legendary beast!

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Hi Fellow Catchers and Blasters!

It’s Clivo again. So, I’m pretty sure that the immortal cryptid is somewhere where Arabic is spoken. But that’s in a lot of countries with a lot of cryptids! Can you help me narrow my search? Send me a message and describe a cryptid you’ve discovered and in which country and I’ll send you a special thank you gift! Thanks everyone, I know that, together, we can beat the evil resistance!

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The Indian Army tweeted a photo of some footprints that they believe are from the Yeti! A representative of India’s Army claims that a mountaineering expedition team found the prints close to Makalu Base Camp, near Mt. Everest in Nepal. What do you think? Does it look like a Yeti print to you?

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I finally got to meet Loren Coleman, world renowned cryptozoologist, at the International Cryptozoology Conference in Portland, Maine! Loren and the International Cryptozoology Museum were a huge inspiration for my book, The Cryptid Catcher, and spending time with him was a fascinating peek into the fun and mysterious world of cryptid research. Even though he kept trying to steal my Bigfoot slippers!

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Are you a teacher or librarian who has students interested in the search for Bigfoot and other legendary creatures? I’ve teamed up with some amazing folks to create this event that’s not only fun, but also meets Next Generation Science standards!

Download the event kit for free here!

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