Middle Grade Scavenger Hunt has been extended!

Twelve 2018 debut authors have teamed up to celebrate our readers. If you’re a kid who has read some of our books, simply answer a few trivia questions and 30 winners will receive a magic package of goodies delivered directly to their door! Click here to see the books and enter!


I’m honored that my book has been longlisted for a Reading the West Book Award! This award is given by the Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Association and it’s truly amazing to be listed alongside these other spectacular books.


My YouTube Channel!

Do you want to see videos of my search for Bigfoot in the wild? Subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you can see videos of me looking for, and often finding, the mysterious Sasquatch!

Myth Blasters Recruiting Kit!

Are you a teacher or librarian who has students interested in the search for Bigfoot and other legendary creatures? I’ve teamed up with some amazing folks to create this event that’s not only fun, but also meets Next Generation Science standards! Download the event kit for free here!



Kirkus Review!

THE CRYPTID CATCHER got its first trade review and it’s delightful. Thank you, Kirkus!

Read review here!

Junior Library Guild Selection!

I am so honored that THE CRYPTID CATCHER has been chosen as a Junior Library Guild Selection for fall of 2018. Being a JLG selection is a badge of excellence and I’m truly humbled to be included with the other amazing books they’ve selected over the years.


Starred Review from Booklist!

Thank you to the lovely folks at the American Library Association for giving THE CRYPTID CATCHER a starred review.

“…(Fisher) dishes up an action-oriented romp…and salts the plot with tantalizing hints that the stakes are about to be raised.”

Read the review here!

How I got published!

I’m always curious how people got to where they got to, and how someone got published is always an interesting question. I did an interview with MGBookVillage below that gives a quick rundown of my path to publishing, but if you have deeper questions, please ask!

Read article here!

Another Interview Where I Say More Things!

Click here!

The author of ‘A Spy School for Girls’ and I had a little chat!

Read interview here!

Why I Sign My Books the Way I do!

Several people have asked me why I sign my books the way I do. Well, let me explain! I heard that there are some neat etiquette things you can do when signing a book, to make it more ‘special.’ Now, I haven’t vetted the truth to any of these, so take them all with a grain of salt. First, it’s tradition to sign on the ‘title page’ as demonstrated below, though not all authors do this because they don’t want to spoil that page. Next, I cross my name out because I heard that back in Victorian times, when people wrote to each other on embossed stationary, they would cross out their name and sign it if they were writing to a friend, as a gesture of intimacy. So when I put the squiggle through my name during a book signing, I tell the person I’m doing it because they are now my friend, which kids think is pretty cool. I also put the date when my book came out, because I read it’s super special to have a first edition book signed by the author the first week it landed. I always print my note because many kids aren’t taught cursive anymore and I don’t know fancy calligraphy. And, finally, I just sign my first name because I heard that you’re never supposed to use your full legal signature, in case some dirty thief decides to steal my identity or something. Some authors sign their whole name in a different signature, I just decided to use my first name and leave it at that! And those, folks, are my secrets! IMG_3729

The International Cryptozoology Museum!


Loren Coleman and his International Cryptozoology Museum was one of my first inspirations for THE CRYPTID CATCHER. Mr. Coleman is a world renowned cryptozoologist and his museum is the only one like it in the world. My fantastic marketing guru, Kirsten Cappy of Curious City, reached out to Mr. Coleman to see if he’d be willing to collaborate with us on finding more ways to get kids involved in cryptozoology, and he’s agreed to relaunch his Junior Cryptozoologists Club! This will be happening soon, but in the meantime please check out the wonderful museum here!

As a side note, the first edition of THE CRYPTID CATCHER calls the museum The Cryptid Collection, but once Mr. Coleman gave us permission, we changed the name in subsequent printings to the International Cryptozoology Museum. Which edition do you have?

I’m an author who writes back!

I’m pleased to be participating in the Authors Write Back program that aims to inspire kids, promote literacy, and build connections between authors and schools. If you’re a teacher or librarian and would like to sign up for this free program, please click here!

If a child reads my book and would like to write to me the old fashioned way with pen and paper, I promise to write back! And even send a super nifty crypto-research card! I look forward to hearing from all of you, and be sure to tell me which cryptid is your favorite!


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