U.S. Government and the search for the Yeti!

Hey Blasters! It’s Charles, you know, the coolest Myth Blaster of the bunch. As you may know, because I’ve only said it like a million times, I love the Yeti. As far as cryptids go, this guy is really the baddest. And I mean bad as in good. As in, he’s so cool he’s bad which makes him awesome again, if you’re following me. Popsicle Dude probably eats climbers on the Himalayas for breakfast, and fist fights avalanches. I love the guy.

Well, back in the 1950’s, there were so many people searching for the beast that the U.S. Government had to set guidelines on how to do it. True story! Basically, you had to pay a $77 permit fee and promise not to kill the Yeti unless it was coming after you, which it totally would because it’s THE YETI! Well, the government isn’t involved in the search for the Yeti anymore, but I still am and I promise that someday I’ll find the frozen angry monkey dude and my life will be complete.

Cryptid: Yeti, Cryptozoologists, Myth Blasters
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