Extinct Clouded Leopard NOT Extinct!

Hey fellow searchers of the mysterious and awesome, it’s Charles, your favorite Myth Blaster. As you know, a lot of times, I mean a LOT of times, animals go extinct but guess what? THEY HAVEN’T REALLY GONE EXTINCT! The little buggers are hiding somewhere and every so often we see one again. That makes them a Cryptid!

Well, we had another Cryptid sighting this week – the Clouded Leopard SUPPOSEDLY went extinct like, 37 years ago, but it was just seen again in Taiwan! Now, if this Leopard dude can hide for 37 years, then maybe the Megalodon shark is still hiding somewhere which would be the coolest thing EVER! Sure the Megalodon went extinct like 2.5 millions years ago, but maybe it’s just super awesome at hiding. So anyway, if you’re in Taiwan, keep your eyes peeled for the Clouded Leopard, and if you’re in the ocean keep your eyes WAY peeled for the Megalodon!

Extinct animals that might still be alive?
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