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Hey Blasters, it’s Clivo! Bigfoot is one cryptid who is super hard to find, but he was just spotted in Washington! Check out this photo – do you think that’s really him or do you think the photo is fake? … Continue reading

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Hello fellow explorers, it’s Hernando. Just a reminder that animals thought to be extinct can be cryptids. For instance, the Tasmanian tiger in Australia went extinct 80 years ago, but all of a sudden people are seeing it again! It’s … Continue reading

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Hey everyone, it’s Stephanie. So, I’ve known about this for awhile because I hacked into our military satellites ages ago, but the Navy just confirmed that this photo of a UFO, taken by a Navy pilot, is real. Now, that … Continue reading

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Hey Blasters! It’s Charles, you know, the coolest Myth Blaster of the bunch. As you may know, because I’ve only said it like a million times, I love the Yeti. As far as cryptids go, this guy is really the … Continue reading

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