In this uncertain time, I will still be offering in-person school visits, but also Skype or zoom sessions! My goal is to turn kids into life long readers by introducing them to fantasy and adventure stories, just like my mom did when I was a kid. I also explore ‘Cryptozoology for Kids!’ Cryptozoology is the study of animals that might exist, like Bigfoot, and can act as a ‘gateway science’ in getting kids interested in other life sciences. Discussing beasts like the Yeti and the Snallygaster also introduces young readers to the exciting world of myths, legends and folktales. Cryptids, writing and the joy of reading, all wrapped up in one super fun presentation!

Rates are $150/one-hour for a zoom or in-person visit. Max of 3 presentations per in-person school visit. Includes presentation on cryptozoology and writing, followed by Q & A.

I always offer *free* twenty-minute Skype sessions where I will talk a bit about my books, cryptozoology, and answer questions about Bigfoot and writing!

And don’t forget to download my FREE event kit here that fulfills Next Generation Science Standards by studying legendary animals like the Ugly Merman!

“Lija Fisher had a wonderful and engaging presentation to kids this morning about her book CRYPTID CATCHER. She talked about mythological creatures from around the world, the scientific process, and the extinction of species. She had drawings, stories, and showed Big Foot’s feet. The kids are so excited to read her book!” – Susie S., Elementary School Media Specialist

“Lija had a wonderful presentation when she attended our school.  Right away Lija grabbed the students attention with her wonderful story telling and explanation of her book. Our students found her personable and they connected with her right away. Every student in the room felt as if she was talking directly to them. Her book is perfect for intermediate students and we can’t wait to have Lija back when her next book is published!!” Nancy W., Elementary School Media Specialist

“It was so cool to hear about Cryptids! I think they are real and I can’t wait to read the book!” – 7th Grader at Ranch View Middle School



 2021 Workshops and Events!


February 3rd: World Read Aloud Day! I will be offering free, 20 minute Skype sessions to schools where I’ll read and answer questions about writing and cryptozoology. Spots still available so please reach out!

April 30th, 9-10am MST: Writing the MG/YA Adventure Novel! Northern Colorado Writers Conference, session will be virtual. Register here!

May 18th, 6-7pm MST: Virtual presentation of Cryptozoology for Kids through the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures to celebrate their exhibit Magical and Mythical Animals in Human Imagination. Register here!

June 8th, 9-11am MST: Writing the MG/YA Adventure Novel! Lighthouse Writers Workshop LitFest. Session will be virtual. Register here!

June 19th-20th: Speaker at Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival. Info here!

June 26th-27th: Speaker at Virginia Bigfoot Conference. Info here!

October 15th-16th: Speaker at The Texas Bigfoot Conference. Info here!

November 5-7: Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show, Denver. I’ll be signing books at the Colorado Author League’s booth!

November 20-21st: Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show, Colorado Springs. I’ll be signing books at the Colorado Author League’s booth!

December 4-5th: Georgetown Christmas Market. Come see me at the Big Horn Book Nook where I’ll be signing books!

December 10-11th. Paraunity Con, Las Vegas. I’ll be signing books at The Sasquatch Outpost booth at the MGM Grand! An amazing convention celebrating everything paranormal and cryptid! Info here!


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